Highs and Lows of Car Insurance Expense

Just how much does the average American pay for car insurance? Quite a lot! Michigan has the highest total at $2,551, and West Virginia, Georgia, Washinton D.C., and Rhode Island all have over $2000. There are only three states that pay less than $1000: New Hampshire with $938, Maine with $964, and Ohio with $926. It sure would be annoying to live in Southern Michigan and be paying more than double what Ohio is paying a few miles away.

Despite all the money we shell out for auto insurance, we very rarely end up using it. The average driver files a collision claim once every 17.9 years and a comprehensive claim once every 10 years. Sure, it’s great that we’re avoiding wrecks, but it also means we’re paying way too much for insurance.

Check out our latest infographic for ideas on how to lower your can insurance bill:

Car insurance