Lessons Learned Playing CashFlow Game

Last night the usual suspects got together for another game of Rich Dad’s Cashflow. It is always an interesting experience. While on the surface the game is about getting out of the rat race [having passive income greater than your monthly expenses], what the game is really about is re-learning the mental concepts that cause lack of abundance in your life.

For me the game is always revealing. I land on ‘downsized’ almost every time around the board. The more experienced players; there are some in our group who are quite successful in real life, see only the opportunities that are available to land on. Where as I often find myself dreading the possible ‘bad’ things to land on.

This is what I call poverty consciousness and it can be pretty deeply routed if you grew up in family where money was tight and the adults spend a lot of time stressed out about it.

The beauty of the game is that it allows you to experience your money issues, liberated from the pressures of day-to-day life; therefore it is easier to see the destructive patterns in your way of being with money. I know that if they are there in the game, they are affecting my business and money management in real life too. CashFlow also allows a gentle re-learning of better approaches to making money. Especially if you can play with a group like mine, that is eager to mentor the rookies into seeing the more creative ways to use their money and the art of cooperative deal making.

In general, I am getting out of the rat race much easier than I did in the beginning. It is clear to me that the process of getting rich is mostly about letting go of inner barriers. Each time I play the game I see more of them and have the chance to move forward in creating passive income in my life.