Which New Grads Can Help Small Businesses?

The right college majors can change lives and businesses. As the economy improves-slowly, but steadily- new college graduates are getting ready to work. Employers can incorporate these new grads and the nicer job environment  by tweaking positions and job ads.

Computer Science

Computer majors are- and have been – in high demand and it’s no wonder why. With computers affecting every aspect of business, it pays to have some smart, capable CS majors who can help you run things. The cost of having no IT department is not just financial- think of all the time you’ve ever spent trying to recover important files or organize archival information. Not fun and not profitable!  In interviews, talk to new grads about the most interesting things they learned in school that could improve your business.  Problem solving is a common trait among theese grads and you never know how they could help.

How do you attract them? Show that you understand them. Computer science involves an incredible range of skills. One person may be interested in creating apps and social games while another could be a great network administrator. All these skills are valuable and your company could benefit from having multiple new CS grads. During an interview, ask specifically what they learned and what they think they are good at so you make a good match between applicants and jobs.


Studious statistics majors are very important if your business depends on crunching numbers to make decisions. Stat majors provide rational, clear cut data so you can make the best decisions for the long-term. If you’re not great at math, a sociable stat major can break down data in a helpful way and provide numerical basis for things like introducing new products, hiring more people and other plans. Once you think like them by asking what’s the likelihood of certain outcomes, you’ll see how valuable they are.

Statistics majors can provide bird’s eye view or a second opinion before you make a mistake based on your gut. At the same time, it’s good for small businesses to have hard data in hand if they decide to defy it. You can save data and research in case you need it in the future. A stat grad can remind you to really consider your decisions since they’re experienced with researching a subject and testing assumptions.

Materials Science and Engineering

If you want to start producing new products, think about recruiting an engineer. According to Cornell, people with this major study chemistry and physics and are mechanically inclined with a variety of materials like plastic and metal. They’ve got great design skills and have the right training to guide your company’s future production plans.

A smart materials major can save you a lot of headaches by letting you know if you’re new invention or idea isn’t physically viable. Like CS majors, they tend to delve into problem solving so asking hypothetical questions related to their future work is a good way to get insight during an interview. They’ll appreciate a corporate culture where they have time and funding to experiment.


As you can see, many of these majors involve sophisticated math and science skills you may not have. Don’t feel bad, running a business is enough work without learning how to code in your spare time. These new grads can supplement your lack of knowledge and will be happy to get the opportunity to show off their skills.  Meanwhile, your company will benefit from their up-to-date insights and willingness to take up a new role soon after graduation.