Choosing the Right Technology For Your Small Business

Choosing the right computer equipment for your company can be challenging and crucial for your firm’s success, especially in the case of technology-based companies.

It is also important to make the right choices since, for starting businesses, computers are likely to be the largest technology expense. Using the right gadgets can boost productivity and profits dramatically.

In this article we’ll take a look at some general advice that can help you choose the right technology for your business.

Mobility Goes a Long Way

For a small businesses, mobility is a key factor to consider. Business owners purchasing computer equipment should look for the right balance between functionality and mobility.

Laptops are probably the best choice for most small businesses. While desktop computers are more versatile and powerful, the fact that they lack mobility can be an important downside.

Small business owners will often need the ability to take their work home or on the road easily. Desktop computers don’t give that advantage. In fact, a Yankee Group report from 2008 revealed that more than fifty million workers in the U.S. needed to be mobile for their jobs; this number can only have increased since then.

What about tablets and smartphones?

Although tablets are advancing considerably every year, they are still far from a point where they provide an adequate substitute for a desktop or laptop in an office environment. Often, the price difference is not worth it, as they can also be significantly more expensive than an equally powerful laptop or desktop computer. However, tablets are often useful for specialized tasks depending on your small business niche. For example, inexpensive tablet computers have been used effectively in the restaurant industry.

In the case of smartphones, some are much better than others. It usually a good idea to use smartphones paired up with a cloud-based server, allowing your employees to access data on the cloud anywhere they go. If cloud-based storage services such as DropBox manage to tighten their security up a bit, it may even help to alleviate some data storage concerns you may have.

Consider getting smartphones for employees that need to travel regularly, as it allows you to maintain contact constantly via email. Smartphones with a physical keyboard will often be better for business purposes and a smartphone with the ability to scan receipts or business cards can also be very useful.

The Bottom Line

Today, almost any business will require a substantial investment in computing equipment. From accounting to online advertising, these devices are necessary for any business office, large or small. Fortunately, when it comes to computing equipment, the choices are nearly endless. Rather than spending wastefully on the latest fad, make sure to look for equipment that fills your business’ needs and make your technology purchases as efficient as possible.