Steven Spielberg’s and Walt Disney’s Secret to Success!

What do the rich and famous have in common that others are missing?

Dr. Denis Waitley, shares the answer from his broad knowledge in self-development, high performance and personal success that he has gained from helping Super bowl, Olympic Champions, NASA astronauts, the US Army, foreign governments as well as educators and youth groups around the world.

Waitley, the bestselling author of The Psychology of Winning and The Seeds of Greatness, says the secret behind the successes of famous names such as Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney, and even William Shakespeare is passion.

He saves some other examples:

Ross Perot, Forbes’ 57th-richest person in America was his big brother at the Naval Academy who went on to become a billionaire with Electronic Data Systems, a global business and technology services company. He was always a man of passion.

Ray Kroc was also passionate in what he believed in and founded MacDonald’s when he was 54.

Steven Spielberg did little home movies, where his theme was always about a great powerful figure that is going to save the world.

Andrew Lloyd Weber, wrote Cats, Evita and produced the Phantom of the Opera. When Weber was nine years old, he already displayed his passion for plays by creating a little home theater with puppets.

Denis’ was good friends with the late French underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau. Before his passing, Cousteau had told Denis that he broke both arms while watching a water spider taking a bubble of air down to her babies in a lake. In his passion for observing marine life, Cousteau invented the aqua lung which helps people to breath underwater for a short period of time after after observing the bubble of air in that spider.

Denis also gives the examples of passion in the lives of people like Bill Gates of Microsoft, Fred Smith of Federal Express and every great inventor or innovator.

He explains that these people weren’t trying to make money; they had an inner fire of passion to drive them, rather than a desire for wealth. He believes that most successful people achieve their greatness because they have something to express inside.

He stresses it is not the goal of such people to make a lot of money, but many of them earn a tremendous amount of money and respect because of their pursuit of their passion. He quotes famous figures such as Shakespeare, Thomas Edison, Estee Lauder and Walt Disney who made a lot of money but were far more interested their passion than money. The key to their success was their passion. It was their inner drive to create or provide something excellent in a product or service.

Denis calls this the “Stradivarius Effect”, named after Antonio Stradivari, the famous violin maker. It simply means, “the love to live by, uncovering and discovering one’s passion.” And that, according to Denis, is the secret to people who make millions.