4 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand

The Four Steps to Building Your Personal Brand

Step 1: Think of yourself as an “embedded entrepreneur.” Embedded entrepreneurs have a different mindset; they come up with new solutions to company problems and new ideas to fuel future growth. They understand what makes them unique and use that insight to navigate a profitable and fulfilling path within their company and over the course of their career.

Step 2: Develop an understanding of your talents and strengths — and those of your current or potential boss. Find what you’re naturally good at so you can develop your strengths regardless of what field or position you’re in. Then develop an understanding of your “consumer’s” talents and strengths — those of your current boss or the hiring managers within your industry, for example.

Step 3: Determine the positive aspects of the environment you and your consumer share. For example, an organization’s environment could be a can-do attitude, a specific expertise, or a relentless pursuit of creativity. Understanding your talents, your consumer’s talents, and your shared environment is crucial to building your brand, because your talents must mesh with and make sense within your environment if you are to be effective.

Step 4: Articulate your Purpose, Point of View, and Principles (the “Three Ps”). They are guides to how you will deliver your brand using the appropriate tactics.