Rich Dad Warns Of Economic Collapse

Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kyosaki has recently gotten on the prepper bandwagon and is pushing Americans to prepare for an economic collapse by storing food, weapons, and precious metals in the advent of a financial meltdown, or government crisis.  In a report from June 27th, Kyosaki and his financial advisors have come to the stark conclusion that collapse is inevitable, and short and long term preparation by individuals is not just suggested, but necessary.

Even Robert Kiyosaki is warning that an economic collapse is coming.  In fact, Kiyosaki and his team of financial experts are encouraging Americans to stock up on food, guns and precious metals.  This is yet another sign of just how close we are to the total collapse of the U.S. Economy.  Kiyosaki, who once co-authored a book with Donald Trump entitled “Why We Want You To Be Rich” is now a full-fledged prepper. – The Economic Collapse

Over the past couple of years, Rich Dad has been adding several new training programs on investing in precious metals, alternate currencies, and even in viable farmland over residential property.  Prior to the crash of the housing bubble, Kyosaki was a staunch advocate that real estate was the best way to grow rich, and to help create lasting cash flow investments.

While real estate investing is still a large portion of his teachings, the fact that so many Americans are losing their homes and incomes due to the loss of over seven million jobs since 2001 has required Rich Dad to reevaluate priorities for Americans from investment, to survival and sustainability

Kyosaki and his advisors have seen the direction of the US and global economies, and have come to the determination that the system must break one way or another at a certain point.  In either case, depression or hyperinflation, food, energy, and real money, as well as a means to defend oneself from desperate people, are the number one priorities he is pushing Americans towards today.

Once upon a time everyone wanted to know how to get rich.
Now everyone wants to know how to survive the collapse that is coming.
As I have written about previously, even people like Tony Robbins and Donald Trump are warning that an economic collapse is coming.
Economic pessimism is seemingly everywhere and almost every recent survey indicates that the American people are losing faith in the U.S. economy. -Robert Kyosaki

There is an old saying in the investment world, if you want to be rich, then do what rich people do.  Robert Kyosaki has proven that you can be successful and grow rich by going against the standard paradigms of society and investing, and now he is forecasting a way to overcome and survive the coming crisis that most of the mainstream economists ignore.  All one has to do is look at what is taking place today in Europe, the Middle East, and even cities in the US where flash mobs are creating an environment of violence and theft to know that this is only beginning.

Robert Kyosaki has helped change how Americans see investing and wealth through his Rich Dad model, and now, Rich Dad is trying to change Americas mentality on the coming economic crisis and prepare for what he sees as the inevitable future.