Why I'm Excited for Windows Tablets

The previews of Windows 8 are hitting the web and I have to say, it is pretty intriguing. Microsoft (MSFT) is unveiling a complete redesign on the user interface, likely the biggest change for a Windows release ever. The new OS will be used on desktops and mobile devices such as tablets.

Before I get into why I’m excited for Windows-based tablets, let me preface it by saying that I’m a huge Apple (AAPL) fan. I own an iMac, an iPhone, countless iPods and an iPad. They are amazing devices.

With that said, I run a small business and our business network is entirely Windows-based. When factoring in productivity, my iPad is still for the most part nothing more than an expensive toy. Now, it’s a toy that I absolutely adore, but I can’t smoothly access my business network.

Yes there are remote apps like GoToMyPC that help facilitate this, but it is still different from seamless network integration where I can access and edit server files and so forth. Integrating my iPad with our small business server at work requires expensive hardware and/or cumbersome apps.

Since Microsoft essentially still dominates the enterprise arena and Windows Servers and workstations complete with Microsoft Office are in nearly every business, integrating the tablet device into this ecosystem should be the No. 1 priority of Microsoft. Rather than trying to beat Apple with a “cooler” device (which is impossible), they need to beat Apple with a slick device that seamlessly bridges work/productivity with fun activities like surfing the web and watching videos.

I believe this tablet could sell very well. The new designed Windows 8 interface that is being previewed this week is encouraging.

While it seems every investor and analyst hates Microsoft and its stock, meanwhile obsessing over Apple (which is an incredible company) and its stock, I’m going to be buying more Microsoft at current levels.

With the incredibly profitable businesses, the bullet proof balance sheet, the cheap stock price, and yes, the possible growth opportunities in the years ahead, I believe Microsoft is a screaming buy at current levels.

– Kevin Parker ~