Real Estate Gurus Promoting Other Guru Courses – a Scam?

I have to say that this is one of my pet peeves. What the heck is up with real estate gurus hawking tele-seminars, webinars, bootcamps, courses and seminars of other gurus? I mean really – don’t they make enough money selling us their own stuff?

It seems lately that I am getting more and more emails from well known “gurus” that are promoting someone else all together! I have to tell you that since I am in this business and have my own real estate club – I know exactly what they are up to and I think it stinks to high heaven.

It’s only about the money baby. It’s never about them caring about you so much that they “don’t want you to miss this opportunity to see/hear ‘their good friend’…blah blah blah.” That’s just malarkey! The biggest culprits of these shenanigans seem to be those who have the biggest rip-offs to sell. Yes – believe it or not there are gurus out there selling overpriced junk as “educational product”. There I said it! (I hope I don’t wake up with a horse head in my bed tomorrow.)

Do you think these selling wizards care about you spending your hard earned money on their product and being successful? I really don’t. I think they care about selling us as much expensive product as possible with absolutely no care as to whether it’s good or beneficial to us. And – the worst thing is that some of these Gurus are not even real estate investors themselves. Sure some might have been at one time (some of them not at all!) – but from what I gather – many of them don’t seem to be working real investors. They are just speakers and product pushers.

Personally, I have made the choice to never buy another product from someone who is not a real estate investor NOW. Sure there are a couple of old timers who used to be major players in SFR who are now just too rich to do these types of deals anymore. Ten years ago – I did their trainings. That was back in the good ‘ol days of when you paid for a boot camp and it was just that – a pitch free/no selling/ strictly education boot camp. Those seem to be few and far between these days don’t they? Now you go to a $5000 boot camp and you still get a pitch fest when you are there! This is so bad… (Don’t get me started.)

Now don’t get me wrong – I think it is extremely important for investors to have continuing education and training! Heck I probably spend about 10-15K a year for my own continuing education. And I understand everyone needs to make a buck… but for gods sake… do we really need to buy a new product every month from a Guru that we already spent good money with – and it’s not even his product that he is hawking? I should say not!

Over kill, information overload, and over the top…. Give me a cotton pickin’ break por favor!