5 Ways To Start Your Own Business While Working Another Job

If you are reading this article, then you have probably sat at your cubicle or desk job dreaming about your owning and running your own business. You probably enjoy selling stuff on Ebay, and you are always keen on finding new opportunities to make money. However, most of us do not have the resources (i.e. the mulah!) to jump-start our own business without taking a huge financial risk.

Cubicle ManI am convinced that businesses can be born from the cubicle! You can work your day job while jump-starting your own business if you do it the right way. I’ve read numerous articles about this subject, so I want to share with you what I have learned and the steps that I will most likely take to achieve this task.

1.Fund your start-up with your salary. One thing that you will hear me say over and over on this website is that your income is your best tool for becoming rich. There is no big-shot investment guru or get-rich-quick scheme that can outperform you making money by good ole’ fashion work and lots of it. Start putting aside some money from your paycheck, assuming you have a little cushion to do that, and put it towards capital to start your business.

2.Be sensitive to people’s needs. There is always something we encounter everyday where someone says “I wish this could be like this…”. Well chances are, it can be like that! Use customer/client suggestions to jump start your creative juices for services or products that bring value to society.

3.Start looking around the corner of your cubicle and thinking about hard-working, honest co-workers. These may be your next employees! People get recruited all the time to help start up another business, and there is nothing illegal about it as long as it is not taking away from your current position. This is a common life cycle of businesses. Businesses get large and they start branching out and creating little business children. Aww, how sweet.

4.If your company has a good reputation, exploit it when starting your business. Let people know that you worked for so-and-so. This will help you gain credibility quickly. If you are starting a software company and you worked for microsoft, this will help you! Well, in the “We love firefox/linux” community, it won’t help you, but that’s another story.

5.Make your former employer a partner. Chances are that your employer will be able to help your new business. Don’t act like you are screwing them over, but instead, give them a sales pitch!