Turning Your Business Green

One of the best moves a company can make is to become more environmentally friendly or what is more commonly known as green. This has become a more popular business practice for many reasons. For the first time companies are starting to see financial reward in changing some of their old habits and keeping an eye on wasteful activities. Being green as a company also puts in you good public standing and can create a loyal following. Use some of these tips below to turn your business into a green business.

Great ways to turn your business green is to change some of the practices of your employees. One of those practices you can change is to rethink how your employees go to and from work. Each employee probably drives their own car and does not even think about carpooling. Well carpooling not only saves them gas money and money on car maintenance, but also reduces air pollution by reducing the amount of cars on the road.

Green BusinessNot only can your employees’ car pool as a way for your business to go green, but they can also be encouraged to use mass or city transit. For those who live conveniently close to a subway or bus line then you can help by encouraging them to use this form of transportation.

Some changes you make to turn your business green may also help improve employee morale. One of those changes you can make is to request that employees work only 4 days a week instead of 5. How this works is you have them come in 4 designated days during the usual workweek and work 10-hour days instead of 8. This may be widely accepted by your employees, which allow them to work the same hours, but have one extra day off to spend time with family. By having them come in one less day you will reduce costs and waste.

Something else that you can ask your employees to do and is along the same lines as a 4 day workweek is to have certain employees telecommute or work from home. Now this is going to be a little more selective because not everyone has the capability to do their work from home, and you may not wan them with out supervision. Working from home could help the company cut down on unneeded space and wasteful activities during a usual workweek.

Investing in the newest technology for your company may be an expensive upfront cost but can be very cost worthy over the long haul, and help reduce paper and other waste. Some such as a document filing system that allows employees to scan paper instead of having to print each file out can reduce cost and waste. Also ask your employees to adopt other formers of newer technology that can make business easier and turn your business green.

Going green may not be the easiest thing for a company to do. At first it may seem expensive, but if thought out it can save both money and the environment.