5 Get Rich Quick Schemes That Work

Despite what dozens of personal financial wizards and experts say, get rich schemes DO work.

Usually for the person running the get-rich scheme.

The guy who is at the top of the  pyramid marketing scheme does ok.

The gal who is running the Ponzi scheme gets rich quick.

The internet marketer who teaches you how to internet market to people who want to learn how to internet market also gets a few bucks the easy way.

But there are other ways you can make money quickly and easily.

1. Be pretty
Studies have shown that pretty people make more money. Pretty people can network easily, too. But that’s not even what I’m talking about. The television and movies and music biz are full of pretty–yet so-so talented–people, who make big bucks.

2. Marry rich
See number 1.

3. Be stupid
Stupid people and stupid organizations get bailed out. How many dumb CEOs out there have been able to turn their idiocy into a wave of government checks? Many. Same deal with dopes who bought houses that were too big and too expensive.

4. Grab your 15 minutes of fame
This often relates to Get-Rich-Quick method 3. But, grabbing a few minutes of fame by doing something completely idiotic and turning it into a few bucks is pretty easy. Heck, you might even turn it into a career.

5. Become a politician
Politicians can go from Joe and Joe Ellen Ordinaries with good ideas and swell ideals to power-hungry thugs who control trillions of dollars. They also get nice perks, like good health care and free lunches on flag day.