5 Best Money Saving Mobile Apps

These apps for your iPhone or Droid make it easier to save cash on your purchases. Plus they’re free — so you’re already ahead.

Gas Buddy

With gas prices increasing every single day, this app can save you a pretty penny. It gives you a list of the gas stations near you, the price per gallon, and directions to the station.

Gas Buddy iphone appAnd at nearly $4 a gallon, shaving a few dollars off each trip to the pump can adds up to over a hundred bucks a year — not bad for a free app.


Recently I popped into a sporting goods store looking for a pair of cycling sneakers. The pair I wanted was $100, and I was pretty confident that I could do better.

So I scanned the barcode on the shoe box with my ShopSavvy app and saw that I could order them through Jenson for $85 with free shipping — a $12 savings.

The only downside? They arrived a week later missing the bike clips. I guess there’s a buyer’s beware lesson there.

Grocery iQ

This app is ideal for anyone who has ever sent their husband to the store for groceries only to have him come back with potato chips and beer.

You can scan the barcodes of the groceries you want (say, the box of Cheerios in your pantry) and Grocery iQ will generate a list of the exact items. It will even categorize them by food group and show you what coupons are available.

Then you can email your list to said husband and up the odds that he will return with the items you requested.


Like ShopSavvy, just scan a barcode and TheFind will locate the best prices online and at retailers in your area — plus show if there are coupons available.When I scanned the Point Break DVD on my desk (don’t ask), TheFind App found it online for as little as $6 (a steal) and at a Borders nearby. Although it told me that the closest Borders was five blocks away when there is also one in my office building.

Plus, it gave me coupons for as much as 33% off at other retailers.

Shop Lucky

Lucky Magazine’s App gives you top picks for dresses, jeans, jewelry and so on, and let’s you check availability online and at nearby stores.

You can even put the goods on hold for same-day pickup!

Granted, this may be more geared towards ‘spending’ rather than ‘saving,’ but it’s still cool. You can also see Lucky’s daily deals, which offer 50% off of the editor’s exclusive picks of the day.

Today’s deal: on-trend diamond stacking rings for just $62.50.