Reason Why People Don’t Make $100K or More

Do you know someone that is constantly seeking ways to make $100,000 or more? They are always looking for the answer, but they never seem to make any progress. A friend of mine, for example, is a serial “wealth building seminar” attendee. He works really hard to attend every investment, stock trading, real estate, and money making opportunity meeting he can get to.

Unfortunately, for John he has not found the answer to building wealth, so he keeps going to these events. He buys ever new Robert Kiyosaki book, which is essentially the same information rehashed in a new package. But that’s okay for Rich Dad. He knows that 95% of people who read his book will still be hungry for more information. It’s true. 95% of people who attend these conferences and purchase personal finance books do not take action. The answer to building wealth and making more money has been right in front of them all along, but they continue to spend thousands of dollars to let people teach them how to become rich.

There really is no secret though. Becoming wealthy is really easy, but the reason most people don’t become wealthy is because they lack initiative. Either they are too scared, don’t have the willpower to take action, or they don’t have the patience and want a “get rich quick” solution. Whatever they case, they are not getting any wealthier as they sit around doing nothing.

It really is easy though, and it shouldn’t cost thousands of dollars in seminars. Have you heard of compound interest, dollar-cost-averaging, living within your means, and diversification? This stuff is reiterated over and over because it is the basic, fundamental rules to becoming rich. Making $100,000 or more and becoming rich is simply a matter of having discipline and a long-term strategy. If you are going to try to “get rich quick,” why not have a long-term perspective too. That way when all else fails, 10 years from now you can comfortably look back and say, “I’m glad I did that!”

Don’t waste any more time. Start taking action to get on the road to wealth. It really isn’t that difficult.