One Quick Money Making Idea

quick money onlineIf you need some quick money making ideas then you should look at some of the various ways you can make money online. Now there are some techniques for making money online that take a while to build up, but once you have them rolling, they bring in some passive income every single month.

Those are always nice if you like to have residual income and be able to get paid without doing any more work. But they take a lot of effort to get them started and there are certainly faster ways to make money online. So let’s take a look here.

The quickest way I have found to make consistent cash online is to write articles for other people. This is known as freelancing. It can be really easy to get started at this with services such as Textbroker. You simply start an account and browse through the articles that people want written, and you can accept or reject the offers.

You know what the topics are and what quality level is expected and how much you will get paid for writing it. Then you write it and submit it and the author approves it and you get paid, normally about 3 or 4 dollars.

This is a lot of money, people. I can write an article in about 12 minutes or so if I am taking my sweet time, and that translates to a lot of money if I am willing to sit and write articles for an hour or two each day.

Multiply these numbers. Can you commit to writing articles for 2 hours every night? If you can, then that will be about $500 extra dollar per month at least. This is good money for just doing a bit of extra work every day on your computer. But in order to hit those kind of numbers, you have to commit to doing it every single night. If you just do it sporadically then you cannot count on making quite so much. You only get paid for the work you do, obviously.

Now if you are willing to be patient and go the long route, you can write those same articles and publish them on your own web properties and start making residual income from them. This will not get you much money in the short run but it can build you a long term business asset over the long haul.