How I Funded My Start-Up Company Without Loans

I funded my start-up company without having to get loans. Depending on what your product or service is, it may take a little longer to grow a business this way, but I found it was worth the effort because in the end I was loan-free. Not having loans to pay back significantly cut my debt, and helped me build a successful company..

Job Security and Business Plan I decided after working for many florists and retailers that I wanted to start my own gift and floral business. The most important thing I did was to keep my current job for as long as possible for security, and to help fund my start-up company. I put aside as much of my paycheck as possible toward my business venture. The benefits of keeping your job through this adventure is financial security.

The negative of having a full time job is having less time for your start-up business. Once I registered my company’s name, I made a business plan with a list of products I wanted to sell. I then researched suppliers to find out how much each item would cost me to produce. This gave me idea how much capital I would need to make my first line of gifts for my start-up company.

Raising Capital for Products

I raised money by selling anything I could get my hands on. I had endless yard sales, and sold items on eBay to raise funds for my start-up company. Once I had a little savings, I made my first line of gifts for my start-up company. The gifts I made were used as samples that I could show to stores to start getting orders to help fund and grow my company.

Wholesaling Your Product

To start raising more capitol for my start-up company, I began to wholesale my product. This is a great way to raise a large amount of capital. Take your product to stores that specialize in what you are offering. Wholesaling does mean you’re getting less money for your product, but usually a store will buy a high volume of product which will give you a big chunk of cash to put toward your start-up.

 To find businesses that might be interested in my product, I would research gift stores online and in my area. I would then make a list of potential buyers, then make appointments with the owners to show my product line. The benefits to wholesaling can be a large amount of cash to help fund your start-up business. The negative side is it is time-consuming, and you may get a lot of rejections at first. I learned that I had to have a tough skin, and not to take the rejection personally.

Turn Your Vehicle Into a Store on Wheels

Cash and carry products from your vehicle. I have had great success with this method. Once I raised enough capital to make a few hundred dollars worth of stock, I took my start-up company on the road. I drove town to town, and store to store, to show my gift line. The stores loved it because they could buy and have the product that moment. The benefit of this is instant cash and no shipping cost. It does take someone that is confident to do this, but if you really want your business to succeed, shyness can’t get in the way.


Bartering is another great way to build your start-up company. If a restaurant was putting on a special event, I would make the florals and they would give me free meals and advertisements. I did florals for a printer’s weddings and in exchange I got business cards and flyers free. The most important thing to remember when bartering is to make the deal beneficial for both parties.

Selling at Craft Shows and Online

Selling online or at craft shows is another way to raise capital, and I always try to put aside as much money as possible from each show or sale that I make. The biggest thing I did to help my start-up business grow is to keep reinvesting money from my sales. This enabled me to build my inventory and keep my start-up business thriving without having to get loans.