A Gift That Keeps On Giving?

Instead of an unwanted present, why not choose a gift which will increase your friends’ and relatives’ potential wealth in 2011 and help them start the New Year in a more prosperous frame of mind?

Here’s a review of the best new publications around business, finance, marketing and networking, and who they would be most suitable to give to as presents.

For the beginner investor: Investing in Shares for Dummies by Isabelle Kassam. All you need to know when starting out in the stockmarket.

For the experienced investor: The Naked Trader: how anyone can make money trading shares by Robbie Burns. Cult trader opens up his secrets to the mass market.

For the teenagers in your life: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T.Kiyosaki, the book is subtitled “What the rich tecah their kids – that you can learn too”.

This offers some out-of-the-box thinking on why most people never manage to hold on to their money in life. It is a good read for anyone who wants to take a different view on working and investing over their lifetime.

For the busy investor: The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach. The book describes how to set up a regular savings plan for pensions and long term-investments so that you can be rich in retirement with almost no effort.

For a female relative: Sheconomics by Karen Pine and Simonne  Gnessen. A wake-up call for women to take responsibility for their own finances with top tips on how to sort out your money, whether you are married or not.

For anyone interested in alternative living: The Moneyless Man – A year of Freeconomic living by Mark Boyle. A former businessman’s experiment in living without cash for a year – including a cash-free Christmas.

For the small business owner: 33 Million People in the Room by Juliette Powell. The social networking bible for SMEs, individuals, and online entrepreneurs.

For the family man or woman: The Which? Guide to Financing Your Child’s Future by Viriginia Wallis.

A helpful guide for parents of young and school-age children on ways to save for the long term financial benefit of your offspring