5 Fun High Paying Jobs

This article is about five fun high paying jobs. Of course, high pay is relative. Jobs that are fun are relative also. However, mixing the two together can be fun. Five high paying jobs that are fun consist of doing something you enjoy and making the bills to fit your lifestyle.

Review this list of five fun jobs with high pay and see if they fit into your liking and pay range. Finding the combination of fun and high pay can be difficult. This article ,though, will bring you five fun jobs that do come with high pay. Check it out and decide for yourself.

Five fun high paying jobs are:

1.Beta Game Tester: Are you a gamer? If so, then this may be right up your alley. Beta Game Testers can work for a company or freelance. Every serious game producer has on staff, or outsources, beta game tester. These people play the game being produced looking for bugs and glitches. They document them and report to the gaming companies for amazing pay. Beta Game Testers can bring in a median of $20 to $25 dollars per hour. Freelance work provides the biggest payback but also posses the greatest risk or potential between assignments.

2.Sports Agent: Now, no one said these jobs are easy to break into. Being fun and paying well means you need some background, education or luck. The competition is high for fun jobs, like this one. If you are a sports fan and want to get even closer to the game, then being a sport’s agent is for you. You will have the potential to represent the biggest names in sport. Pay here is based on percentages of the athletes you represent. The $64,100.00 annual is the average salary but the potential can be in the millions.

3.Locomotive Engineer: Do you have a liking of trains? You may feel this is a dead end job, but you would be wrong. Trains are still a major part of the transportation lifelines for the United States. Being a locomotive engineer requires no degree and most companies will provide training and incentives. Locomotive engineers are a dying breed, but they are still very much needed and for this reason, the average locomotive engineer hauls in $54,063.00 per year. Imagine the fun of the open country and commanding your own train. Whether you are moving people or 150 cars of coal, the independence and solitude for some is priceless.

4.Professional Poker Player: This is a wide-open field and can be as fun as it can be frustrating. If you enjoy the high stakes, pressure and one versus table challenge and you have the will and some backing, then take your best shot. Many professional players begin small stakes online and move up. Others with the skill hit the bigger online events and win their way to a table with the big boys. Money is needed for this career but the payout potential is enormous. Professional poker players have the potential to win millions in one event.

5.Game Developer: If you have a degree in software or gaming then the potential here is high. Developing those games that hundred of thousand or even millions of fans adore has to be a blast. Game developers work with specific software tools and rendering packages to create their magic. If you have the background and skill, then this may just be the fun high paying job you are looking for. Medium potential in this discipline is up to $62,000.00 per year.