7 Best Movies For Learning About Personal Finance

You might find it surprising to know that reading isn’t the only way to learn about personal finance. You can make learning about personal finance even more fun by watching a movie. That’s right! There are many movies that contain useful tips about money management.

So that you don’t have to go searching all over the Internet, I have put together a list of my 7 favorite movies for learning about finance. And I promise, these movies are NOT boring! Most of them cover a broad range of financial issues that hit all of us in a very personal way, because money is such a big part of our lives. Here is my list:

Wall Street

Wall Street is an iconic movie that has been a fan favorite for over 25 years. You can learn a lot from this old school classic. Who can forget Gordon Gekko’s classic quote about greed? Regardless of what Gordon Gekko thinks, greed is not good. Greed will get you in a ton of trouble in the investing world. Many investors have lost their shirts by chasing high returns no matter what the cost.

Glengarry Glen Ross

Con men are everywhere. Glengarry Glen Ross is about real estate con artists that will do anything possibly to rip their customer off. In this underrated classic, Al Pacino, Ed Harris, and Jack Lemmon use fake prizes and awards to con hapless investors out of their life savings. Be wary of swindlers. Thieves are always willing to steal, plunder, and rob in order to save their own necks. They usually prey after the elderly and those people in a dire financial situation.

A Perfect Murder

This movie teaches the perils of taking on too much debt. Michael Douglas gets in over his head by leveraging his personal fortune, assets, and business to try and make money. His bet backfires and he ends up on the verge of bankruptcy. Debt is never a good thing even when it is used for investing. It can add stress to your life, cloud your judgment, and lead to many sleepless nights.

Office Space

Your job should be more than just a paycheck. You should get some kind of enjoyment out of your chosen profession. Office Space does a great job of illustrating this fact. Life is too short to spend day after day at a job that you hate. Find a career that will not only reward you financially but make you happy as well.

Boiler Room

Boiler Room is about stockbrokers using high pressure sales techniques to make individuals buy financial products that they do not want. This happens on a daily basis in society. Whether it’s the car dealership, department store, or the local repair shop, salespeople will use a variety of tactics to get you to make an impulse purchase. Resist the urge and only buy items that you planned to get before going shopping.

Pursuit of Happyness

Entrepreneurship is one of the best paths to wealth and Chris Gardner is a good example of this. In the Pursuit of Happyness, Gardner overcame numerous obstacles to become a successful businessman. The lesson is that perseverance and determination pay off in the long run. You too can become a financial success if you have the tenacity to stick with your entrepreneurial venture.

Indecent Proposal

Too many people will do anything for money. A million bucks is not worth sacrificing your character, ethics, and integrity. There are no shortcuts to getting rich quickly. Your self-respect and self worth are worth far more than any dollar figure.

If you want to view any of these titles, you can rent them from Netflix or Blockbuster. Trust me, they are all worth watching. What movie taught you the most about money? What others do you recommend?