Are Black Friday Sales Worth The Savings?

Black Friday has been a long-held tradition by bargain hunters who will line up on November 26th to start their shopping ahead of the Christmas season. In recent years the dynamic of the Black Friday deal has changed, hitting the web and becoming nearly month-long event for many stores, especially those that provide electronics.

Sites like Deal News have released this year’s predictions as to what the best deals will be. Last year, they were more than 80% accurate, which gives some high hopes for this season. They are also deals that will be likely to start around the second half of this month.

But when it comes down to the actual deals, are they worth the hassle of shopping around? Are the discounts really that drastic? In a word, yes.

Keeping an eye on deals from about October 15 to November 26 is always beneficial. Generally, you won’t see so many in-store deals in the first part, but online there will be dozens. Websites like DealNews, Meriline, Newegg and will get you some great discounts that can be perfect for getting shopping done early.

The main products you should check for are high cost items to begin with. While you can probably find a sale on that new toy or sweater, it will be laptops, PCs, televisions, stereos and other consumer electronics that will give you the real savings. They will also be offered earlier, and in greater numbers.

If you have been thinking of getting a new TV this year, waiting for a Black Friday sale is going to yield results. This is the case every year, with hundreds (and sometimes more!) taken off the retail price in anticipation of a swell of consumers looking to get into the HDTV and LCD  TV markets.

Laptops, especially basic ones, are usually another good sale item, with cuts to between $100 (for most basic) and $500 (for more advanced dual processor models). I bought my laptop last year from Newegg for $500, down from $900.

Be sure to look out for console deals this year. New generations will be coming in 2011 and 2012, and so the time is ripe for major deals on current models of the Xbox, Wii, and PS3. Many websites have been saying that they believe discounts of as much as $99 for a Wii might be seen, and if this is true it will be an irresistible saving.

Exactly what will happen is hard to say. But between the middle of this month and onward, Black Friday sales will be all over the net, and eventually in stores. Make sure to keep up on them. In a time where so many of us are struggling for cash, these deals could do a lot to make Christmas easier this year.