Want to succeed? Pick the right role models

I have been fed up to my nostrils with people pretending and always talking about what they are “going” to do tomorrow. I am guilty of being in the company of spectators; they talk about winning but won’t put one foot in the game.

I recently decided to up the ante and find the players, the ones who are in the game of making things happen. As I pondered this subject, it makes an enormous amount of sense: If I want to be better and score higher, I need to be around those people who are making it happen.

Businessman and author Robert Kiyosaki sums it up best, “If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.”

Over the past several months, I’ve been closely examining the people in my personal and professional space; I noticed most were holding me back. They were incredibly brilliant in their dialog: They were talking big, but playing small. My initial response was that these people had no genuine purpose in my life, but in retrospect they did. They were human mirrors, reflecting my personal growth, current dissatisfactions and future ambitions.

As I grow older, my goals have changed and my focus has zeroed in; things have crystallized in the most significant way. I now realize that very few people in my life have obtained anything remotely similar to my dreams or aspirations.

The question flowed as easily as the answer: “How can these people show me how to achieve my desires when they haven’t achieved them?” They can’t, not even the ones showboating and pretending.

So I pulled my hair back, grabbed some equipment and gave my inner circle a good cleaning out. I swept for days, pulling hard to reach perpetrators out of the corner. I bleached the brown stains of the liars and manipulators and didn’t think twice about blow-torching the cowards stuck in the cobwebs.

I gently polished the few gems of influence and placed them on a pedestal. I allowed plenty of space in between as I plan to restock that shelf with other high-quality people.

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I had to release the mundane in order to make room for the opportunities on the other side. I know it is impossible to do both — move forward and stand idle — so I made a declaration that I’m sticking with. I have chosen an affluent life that’s aligned with upstanding people.

I mingle with people of substance, asking questions, carefully listening to their stories of success and failure. Being in the presence of people who are making it happen brings a certain aura, an energy that entices me to stay on the field with the movers and shakers.

Like most of you, I desire a bright future; I’m dedicated to using my God-given talents and abilities to the highest degree. I want to be better and in order to be better, I’ve got to think better and do better — and this all takes work and time. I’m channeling every experience and challenge that comes my way, I’m seeking the lesson and preparing for the journey on the high road.

I’m open to feedback from people who know and understand my current victories and struggles because they have lived through similar situations. I’m open to the mighty-spirited who wears a badge of honor on their arm. You might say I’m on the prowl for those endowed with personal power and unlimited success.

I am on a mission to be better today than I was yesterday. I believe God is expecting me to get out of my comfort zone and shed old skin. Perhaps you know where I’m coming from or you’re ready to take the plunge, too.

Let’s do it now: Waiting for tomorrow won’t bring it any closer.