Confidence Is Believing In Yourself Even During An Economic Downturn

Building self-confidence is the theme for myriad publications but, distilled to its essence, is confidence more than a belief in one’s own ability to persevere against the odds, prevail against conventional wisdom, or determining that you have the “stuff” to succeed? I suppose it is a matter of opinion. My wise mother often said, “confidence is believing in yourself and your ability to make difficult decisions.” That works for me. Maybe it will for you as well.

There is no need to lie on a couch to explore the inner recesses of your mind unless a lack of self-confidence is an indicator of something more profound, thus requiring more professional help. Here is what I have learned over time and share with others:

?  Think positively, especially now. Most of the news about the economy is negative and it is challenging not to lose hope.

?  Imagine yourself prosperous, even when you are not. Dreams are powerful and hope is a source of energy. Hope is often all that stands between despair and recovery.

?  Perform due diligence: do your research and focus on opportunities. Everything is cyclical, especially in our economy. For every downturn, there is the inevitable rebound.

?  Assume that without taking risks, there is no gain.

?  Set flexible, achievable goals.

?  Remain focused on your opportunities, not the barriers to your success.

?  Never give up! Success is attitudinal, acquiring knowledge, and being coachable. The rest is hard work.

It is difficult for some to adopt what Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, and others call a prosperity-focused mindset because too many of us have been employees. Each of us, however, has thought about having the time and the freedom to do what we want, when we want, and with whom we want. That is all that that term means. If that is your goal, take the next step and do your research.

Good information helps to build and sustain self-confidence when it helps us to understand we can make choices, exercise options. Fortified by good information, act in your own best interest: look at companies with great track records and start to leverage your skills, your knowledge, and the low entry costs in the multi-level marketing industry. Become your own boss. You can not afford to doubt yourself then.