The Mindset: Poor – Middle Class – Rich

The first step to change is Awareness.

The second step to change is Understanding.

Find out what current mindset do you have:


Who: Employees, Laborers, Wage Earners
Education: High School or College Graduate
Most Valuable Resources: Paycheck salary
Resource Focus: Salary or Hourly wage
Time Setting: Next Payday
Major Financial Goal: To Survive until next payday
Cash Flow Management: “How much do I have in my wallet?”
Investment Sources: The government
Expected Rate of Return: Get Rich Quick
Advisor: Broke Friends and Family


Who: Employees and Self Employed
Education:Values a College Education
Most Valuable Resources: Short Term Investments
Resource Focus: Networth (home & personal effects)
Time Setting: Long-Term
Major Financial Goal: To built up a vast net worth by age of 40 to 65 years old.
Cash Flow Management: Understands the value of CFM
Investment Sources: Invest in products or services created by others
Expected Rate of Return:
10% to 30%
Advisors: Financial Planner, accountants


Who: Entrepreneurs & Investors
Education: Values only “street smart” education from peers / self learning / what works
Most Valuable Resources: Time and Long Term Investments
Resource Focus: Cashflow, Net worth (real assets) and Network
Time Setting: Adapt to each financial goal or investments Financial and Time Freedom
Cash Flow Management: Understands that Cashflow Management is the key to all wealth foundation.
Investment Sources: Create products and services to sell to the middle class and masses.
Expected Rate of Return: 50% to 300%++
Advisors: Themselves, each others, selected professionals and mentors.