How to Make Money

We all want to know how to make money, so the question is – why isn’t it easier? We all know time is money, but we have no time and have no money! What on earth is wrong?

Let’s use Robert Kiyosaki’s model. He simplifies the money-making world into four basic categories of types of activity.

1. People who work for others and exchange their freedom – their hours – for money. We know that as a JOB. Just Over Broke and living from pay check to pay check. Why do you suppose it is that the employer knows how to make more money than the employee? We can also conclude that within this group there are people who work VERY hard. Now, if hard work were the secret to success, then manual laborers would be higher on the list. NO, hard work does not earn money.

2. There is another group – the employers who have people working for them. There is a snag though. Many employers find they work extremely long hours and they belong to the business – having very little, or no, free time to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

3. The next is the self employed person. They also have the issue of trading dollars for hours. How many of them can walk away from the business and see it prosper in their absence? See what I mean.

All three of these groups suffer the old and dramatic problem of hours versus money. Some have lots of time and no money. Some have lots of money, but no time. None of the above has both time and money.

Money Woman4. Group four has it all. These are the people who invest. They invest in such a way that in their presence, or in their absence, they still make money. Now that is living free! Typically, they own real estate, have investments; but a new breed has been born with the internet explosion.

There are many entrepreneurs who make a very nice living using automated systems on the internet. These systems mean that the person can work a few hours a week, or a month and still make a very nice living.

Most of them work from a home office; no commuting for them, and NO boss! Many work in network marketing. Now, I know, network marketing has a tarnished image, but why? Because, so many tried and failed… Let’s get real now. How many new businesses fail? 95% fail. So, if 95% of people try network marketing and fail, why is the system maligned? It’s NO different from reality in business. The reason may be that people think only the guys at the top get all the money. Wait a minute! Who gets all the money in any business? The guys at the top! So, again I ask why network marketing should be badly thought of? I say, that if the company has good training and repeat sales products, then go for it!

I would also add that both Kiyosaki and Donald Trump speak highly of the concept of network marketing. Guess what my preferred business choice is.

You got it – network marketing. And do you know why?

– Low start up cost
– Low fixed costs
– Flexible hours
– Passive income
– Unlimited potential

It is true that income is slow to come at first it is not usually fast money – but what if we can show how to make money from Day One?

What is the downside to Network Marketing? Many, many people suffer initially because of high rejection. They chase people and hear too many NOs. And they spend fortunes buying leads and advertising. The problem is in the posture – trying to sell family and friends on an idea. But people don’t like to be sold. They like to buy an idea. It’s the selling that creates the rejection.