Work Smarter and not Harder

I think many of you would agree that a lot of us are employees. We have a definite working time schedule. We have a boss. We work on a particular role. Basically, we work hard to sustain our day to day living.

But if you want to achieve financial freedom, you should not just work hard but work smarter! Yes, you will earn more by working harder. You will work even harder if you got promoted because of the additional responsibilities and tasks that will be assigned to you. You will become probably rich because of overtime and pay raises but definitely you would sacrifice a lot.

You will risk your health because of stress. You will lessen the time for your family and friends. In short, you will not enjoy the fruits of your hard work if you will only just work harder. Added to that, the government is your number 1 beneficiary if you work harder. Your pay gets taxed first even before you get it.

Don’t just work hard, work smart too. How to work smart? Here are some of the the things that you could do to work smarter!

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Work like a smart entrepreneur. If you have the capacity to become an entrepreneur, start a business. An entrepreneur leverages his resources and hires people who are smarter than him to work for him. Yes, he will work but on the supervisory level only. He delegates tasks and he gets rich by doing it. These are the tactics of taipans and tycoons.

Learn financial intelligence. If you would just work hard and even harder, you will definitely end up burnt out of your work. If you are financially literate, you would accumulate assets while you are working. And as these pile of assets accumulate over time, it would be sufficient to provide you with your needs without working. Choose to be the ‘rich person’ as Robert Kiyosaki said and not the ‘poor’ and ‘middle class’ persons who buy liabilities they think are assets.

Work for passive income. As I already mentioned in previous posts, passive income is your money working for you. Try to work little by little for passive income while you have your job. And as your passive income grows, then that would be the time to go full time for it.

Ultimately, working smarter is shifting from either the Employee (E) and Self Employed (S) quadrant of the Cashflow Quadrant to either Big Business Owner (B) and Investor (I) quadrants.