Robert Kiyosaki – How to Predict the Future (mp3)

I would like to share with you a record of a conference call with Robert Kiyosaki, which took place on October 15th, 2008, right after the market crashed down.

Robert Kiyosaki gave few absolutely brilliant and practical advices about what people should do in the new economic environment. Also, he shared a lot of other wisdom with the listeners.

I recommend you to download this file, put it on your mp3 player or CD, and listen to it while driving to your job in the morning. It’ll give you a tremendous energy boost for the whole day.

And just in general, if you are serious about changing your life, I recommend you to start your days from some training or motivational audios. I promise, you won’t regret it. Your life is going to start changing immediately.

Here’s the audio:
Robert Kiyosaki: How to Predict the Future (mp3, 6.5MB, lasts about 1 hour)

– Damian Ray


Unfortunately, the audio has been removed and Damian Ray’s website is unavailable.
In place, here’s the download of another interview of Robert Kiyosaki with

It’s an hour long mp3 of size about 7.9MB.  Enjoy!

Download the interiew (mp3)