Land Banking Course… and it's free!

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) September 13, 2007 — Steve Haight, President of Wealth Bridge Enterprises, recently released a new Land Investing Master’s Course: Insider Secrets of a 30 Year Land Investing Professional. The course is offered without charge, free to the general public.

“To most people, land investing is a very risky industry,” says Haight. “But that’s just not true. People need to know the facts. And that’s my goal.”

“Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki are doing great work to raise the Financial IQs of people all over the world… especially with their recent book, Why We Want You to Be Rich,” says Haight. “But there are many ways to invest in real estate. I just happen to be an expert in land. And that’s the contribution I can make–giving away some of my knowledge about land investing.”

Haight is no stranger to the land investing business. He’s been doing it for 30 years. But he’s using the construction of the new Hoover Dam Bypass (slated for a 2010 completion) as a reason to spread his message quickly.

The construction of the bypass will drastically cut the commuting time between Arizona to Las Vegas. “People can get almost double the house in Arizona they would be able to afford in Las Vegas,” says Haight.

“This creates the perfect opportunity for investors to buy land that is in the path of growth and development.”

For more information on investing in Arizona land or to enroll in the free land investing Master’s Course, visit or call 702-657-5111.