Setting expectation…

I have came across posts from a few critics who has reserved some comments on Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.  Perhaps, these people already had a good grasp of the financial and money principles and saw what was in the book as too shallow. 

The book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, I believe, is targetted at specific general population who has very little financial knowledge and little interest in financial knowledge.  The book is served to inspire and not a guide on how the steps to acquire wealth.  Robert Kiyosaki might have written it as a simple introduction to the underlying thinking and principle of money and wealth in a story like fashion. 

It is best summed up by these few sentences from this blog(, about Kiyosaki “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

If you are expecting a step by step winning formula to getting rich, cast this book away, because you will likely be disappointed. However, the thought provoking concepts will probably inspire you to think out of the box and search for the “ways” yourself. Well, at least that was what it had done for me. Not only did I finish the book within 2 days, I’ve noticed a paradigm shift in my mindset towards certain values in my life.